A downloadable Deep Walls Prototype for Windows and macOS

The game consists in reaching the high places and completing the level using the elements at the range of the player, activating barriers in front of them. Typically, walls that aid the player when he needs them, because of the kinetic abilities of the player, the game levels are shaped by the player's input. The game would have strict puzzles where mind control is required to complete the different levels.

Install instructions

The simplistic distribution of the game controllers are as follows:

The left, and right arrows (or A and D keys) would be used to move the player character accordingly

The Space key is used to jump.

The down arrow (or S key) is to be used to activate the objects to be controlled, and to duck, making the character smaller. For example, [down key + space] activates mind control, [down key + shift] activates a wall.

The character dashes on the ground and mid-air by holding the Left-Shift key.


Art and Graphics

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Sound Effects and Music

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DeepWalls_Win_v56b.zip 12 MB
DeepWalls_Mac_v56b.zip 16 MB

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